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Certificate Number : 20180107122006
The inspiration behind this work are the extremes of people feelings, the opposition and convergence, in the same time, of "I love you" and "I hate you" in relationships. Different elements of work visualize the strength of love, the pain, eruption of feelings, bizarre emotions and the need of balance that combine all in one that is able to last. Acrylic paint with different techniques of application used to underline texture and intensify expression.

Year : 2017
Format : 50x70cm
Support : Canvas
Technique : Acrylic
Drawing Number : 1/1


Jenny Tsoneva is an abstract artist, taking inspiration from human feelings and their various expression. Usually using acrylic on canvas, though love experimenting with different techniques and mediums. Born and raised in Burgas, a small artistic town at the Bulgarian seaside. Currently residing in Sofia, Bulgaria where creates her paintings as an abstract reflection ofá her inner world.