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B-Atrix redux

Numéro de Certificat : 20170627042025

Année : 2011
Format : 108 x 183
Support : Toile
Technique : Peinture acrylique fluorescente
Numéro du tirage : 1/8

Antoine MERGER

Fluorescent paint is like Liquid Light, this concept alone is my greatest inspiration and the reason why I paint Being a virgo, I also tend to enjoy as hard as possible technical challenges, in other words: Why make it simple when you can make it complicated Beyond its "special effects" aspects (night/day difference) fluorescent painting is an incredibly hard process to master I see fluorescent painting as a technology that gives the artist the possibility of bringing back to our world testimony from the shamanic realm I also work with non fluorescent paint, 3D software for architectural project, and spent a great deal of time, since 1996, doing deco for rave parties under my pseudo Punkadelik