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Royal Reflection Collection

Al.Kay Heidl Pablo Rival

Royal Reflection Collection

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CERTIFICATE NUMBER : 20230702035254
REGISTERED ON : 02/07/2023

Royal Reflection Collection

The abstract head with a long neck filled with a variety of vibrant colors. The head created from pixelated shapes and patterns creates a unique appearance. Karismatic and magical. The bold colors and the fusion of the abstract shapes create a surreal and mesmerizing effect. The contrast between the vivid, colorful splendor of the head and the ornate crown creates a visual interplay of fantasy and reality. In total, 2000 individual images are created from the basic graphic.

Artist's name : Pablo Rival
Year : 2023
Dimensions : 3088x3088px
Support : Skizze, Digital Picture
Medium : Drawing, digital graphic




The purpose of this verification is to check the validity of the seals attached to the artwork and the Certificate of Authenticityin order to be absolutely confident that you are the owner of the artwork. Once the owner has been identified, he or she will be able to access all the information recorded during the creation of the certificate and download it as a PDF file which can be archived in both paper and digital format.

How can I do this?
1) Be sure to have your Certificate of Authenticity and the artwork so you can clearly see the polygons on it.
2) Click on the polygons correctly, referring to those on the certificate and the artwork. This blind verification process avoids revealing the original ARTcertificate polygons.
Be careful, you will not find any valid polygons during a step of the verification, so you will have to press the 'Absent Polygon' button.

If you have the artwork and the Certificate of Authenticity, but you are unable to go through the verification process, please contact Artcertificate. We will do a manual verification to give you access to the complete file in PDF format.