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A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything

Numéro de Certificat : 20181206102711

Année : 2015
Format : 50 x 50
Support : Canvas on framed
Technique : De-collages with appropriated fly posters from Paris, Montpellier marouflés sur canvas

Dom(K) Kerkhove

Artcertificate | Editez vous-même vos certificats d'authenticité
"Collagiste urbain", Dominique Kerkhove alias DOM(K), from Dunkirk, lives and works in Paris. He has been exhibiting for several years in different places, from the street to the galleries. As an urban artist, he created "MadeReady" or collages from torn posters taken from wild city posters. A tireless walker and patient observer, he searches on city walls for what makes his raw material: the poster. As a citizen artist, he uses what already exists to transform it. It infuses a new destiny into an ephemeral urban creation to make it a contemporary work that is in line with time. Natural heir of Hains, Villéglé, Rotella, Dom(K) is in the current and urban lineage of the new poster designers. His work is in no way allegorical. It is concrete and materialistic. It is a work of narrative incarnation. He consciously tries to give substance to the sensations and perceptions, ideas and values that make up his artistic universe. He translates his emotions into evolving series (questionings) are the themes address the place of men, women, sex, politics in a society in full industrial, moral and climatic change. A reflection on the world around us or that we create. A subtle game between voluntary and involuntary memory. He defines his resolutely abstract positioning for a theme that is nevertheless figurative of our society.

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