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Numéro de Certificat :

Année : 2017
Format : 48
Support : Canva
Technique : Oil painting


Artcertificate | Editez vous-même vos certificats d'authenticité
I embraced my artist lifestyle since 2015 to reveal myself mostly as an abstract painter. The vast majority of my work is executed with oil paint. My interest for other media is present from time to time, I must say I have a specific affection towards oil paint. Thus, the connection that bounds me with my work express a part of myself: the lively link helps me to open myself to others, and so it provides a charming encounter with each viewer’s sensibility. Viewers are then the witness of their own internal motion that is within. My work is the achievement of a visceral need to create a connection between an object(painting) and its external environment through the internal motion of a live object (human). The source of my creation is the ongoing process of the interpretations of various realities combined. Paint is what I have learned to manipulate, defining various sense of dimensions (possible realities). Human perceptions give rhythm, musicality and purpose to my work. Abstraction is the tool used to communicate, to create a dialogue and a connection with the viewer. The painter is not the key here, the viewer is. I am offering an opportunity to the viewer to complete my work by selecting through its own interpretation a truth that has a transcendent meaning for no other than himself/herself. My role is to imagine the right environment where these different realities may be find depending on the viewer’s choice making process. At the end, the importance is the viewer’s freedom to select what make sense according to his/her own self. The interest is to reach people trough emotions and the senses rather than by intellectualizing the bound through an art piece. No easy but necessary, experiencing my work result in a true embodied experience of recognition. What you see is only what YOU perceive.

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